New record of the country - "1000 days of daily running".
APRIL 14 / 2018

    The popularization of sports in Ukraine and running, in particular, is a wonderful goal! At the initiative of Andrey Ostapchuk, the founder of the first in Ukraine Young Business Club, the company Sport Solutions Ukraine, represented by Pavel Gaisha, inspired about 650 people to support Andrey on his 1,000th day of daily running!
    It turned out to be a real holiday! There was a warm-up before the race, and real fun during the run itself.
    The race was supported by the first Ukrainian, who climbed seven peaks of seven continents of the world, Tatyana Yalovchak !
    The Book of Records of Ukraine recorded a new country record - "1000 days of daily running".
    Thank you, friends! Together - we are the power!