Pavel Gaisha - our champion!
AUGUST 24 / 2018

    Congratulations to our partner, Pavel Gaisha, on winning the championship!
    8 national records and 5 more repetitions of the current top achievements - a short summary of the Ukrainian strongman championship, which traditionally opened the season of the strongest people of the country in the center of Kiev.
    Up to 110 kg: Gaisha - three-time champion
    Competitions in this weight were held under the sign of impressive stability of the leading champion Pavel Gaisha, which allowed him to get the third title in a row! In all the exercises, Pavel did not fall below second place, winning one discipline, and in another he shared the victory with two-time world champion Vitaly Gerasimov from Dnipro.
    Strongman season in Ukraine is open. According to the results of the Ukrainian Championship, athletes will be divided into participants of the Supreme and First Strongmen Leagues, within which they will compete this year.