The first in Kiev Plogging Run - "Chasing the GARBAGE"
JUNE 6 / 2018

    Ukrainians have always been inspired by nature. We have a legacy of survival, endurance, and enjoyment of nature, which forms our way of life, as well as our development.
    However, today our main goal is not to survive in nature but to help nature survive with us.
    If you think that various garbage dumps in different parts of our country are not your problem, think again.
    Pollution is a global problem. That is why the Swedes have come up with a simple but effective way to cope with this, causing an enthusiastic reaction among environmental and sports movements - "plogging." And now it has come to Ukraine.
    The beauty of this workout is its simplicity, where you just need to take a pair of gloves and a trash bag. Take a wellness jog through the city around your block and collect garbage on the way. The more trash you pick up, the more weight you add to your workout, and the more calories are burn!
    On June 2, at the initiative of the company "Sport Solutions Ukraine", the first Plogging in Kiev was held - "RUNNING FOR GARBAGE".
    Before the race, its participants went through a warm-up under the leadership of the three-time Ukrainian champion in Strongman, Pavel Gaisha. And also received special protective gloves and biodegradable garbage bags.
    We would like to express special thanks to the companies supported the action and the race participants:
    TM "Morshinskaya" - because it did not give a thirst to break the race participants.
    "Power Pro" company - for providing energy bars to maintain the strength of the participants.
    "Service Diet" company - for their delicious and, importantly, healthy oatmeal cookies.
    Special thanks to Sergey and Alena Osipchuk for taking part in the race and involving their team's ploggers into the movement.
    The company "World of Scales" - for helping to control the weighing of the collected garbage.
    Special thanks to Vyacheslav Shipin, Maria Shipina, Lazareva Yulia, Belousova Alena, Bychkov Roman, Sizonenko Oksana and Litvinenko Tatiana for participating in the race.
    "Whirl" company - for their followers, members of the KNTEU national team in
    rope pulling. Bronze and silver medalists of the Championship of Ukraine (Vlad, Misha, Anton, Yusif and Andrey).
    The law firm SDM Partners Ukraine, represented by Dmitry Syrota, for participating in the race and involving employees in the ploggings movement.
    Special thanks to SPE "Golosiivsky" for the official permission to run and help in the selection of the track.
    GO "All-Ukrainian Youth Movement "Let's do it, Ukraine ", represented by Ksenia Renchkovskaya.
    And also, to Anatoly Anatolich, for participation, support and for inspiring the participants of the race.
    In total, 45 people took part in the event. On each section of the route, caring citizens joined to the eco-race, right after learning about the purpose of the event, and helped to clean up the garbage in the territory of Goloseevsky Park.
    In total, the ploggers collected more than 72 kilograms of garbage.
    The first Plogging in Kiev is officially recognized as successful!