Sport Solutions provides PR and Event services to corporate clientsto increase the capitalization of companieson the basis of an annual work plan
The uniqueness of the offer:
Not an event or PR manager works for you, but a whole team of professionals in the areaof PR communications, coaching and event marketing.
Personal manager
We will provide your company personal concierge who works exclusively on your projects.
All events will follow PR goals and objectives that you and only you define.
Being our client, you get all the activities without an agency commission, and you also get all our agency discounts from contractors and partners.
Partner Status
Being our client, you get the status of "Partner" of our initiated projects, from setting new sports records to international competitions, free of charge and a 30% discount on any sponsorship package.
Our clients also receive a 20% discount on the company's annual wellness program and wellbeing programs.
We create a healthy vacation for you
Time management
Annual work plan is a sufficient amount of paid time to predict the likelihood of events and recommend informed decisions, "enter the position" and do a little more in the shortest possible time.
Individual approach
Our concepts develop the uniqueness of each company we work with. We consider not only your internal strategy, but also planned results.
Cost effectiveness
You get a whole team of specialists at the price of a middle manager. It minimizes the amount of time which HR spends on finding and coordinating a large number of cotractors.
We employ young, energetic and creative professionals with great practical experience and creative potential.
We provide our clients with a format of cooperation that helps the team explore all the subtleties, understand the problems and offer a number of solutions that will give long-term results.
We are not afraid of non-standard approaches. One idea can solve everything and we know how to be in a constant stream of the most relevant ideas.