Teambuilding in the style of a healthy lifestyle for the trading platform of the Commercial Property of Ukraine -

    It was not just "team building". It was much more. It is the interchange and unification of the positive energies of the guests, organizers and all participants of the event! The task of this event was to unite 80 people from different departments and projects in just a few hours and help them become an even more amicable team.It was not just team building, but a real charge of vivacity and positive. Each of the participants had a rest, had fun and learned something new. There was sincere support, and a share of healthy self-criticism, and a wonderful sense of humor, and overcoming fears! :) And in the struggle for victory the guys found something more than just a team spirit, they felt like one big family! THANKS, FRIENDS, FOR A BEAUTIFUL COMPANY AND A BRIGHT DAY!  

1000 days of running

      The popularization of sports in Ukraine and running, in particular, is a wonderful goal!
At the initiative of Andrey Ostapchuk, the founder of the first Young Business Club in Ukraine, the company Sport Solutions Ukraine, represented by Pavel Gaisha, inspired about 650 people to support Andrei on his 1,000th day of daily running!!!
It turned out to be a real holiday!
There was a warm-up before the race, and real fun. The race was supported by the first Ukrainian, who ascended to seven peaks of seven continents of the world, Tatyana Yalovchak !!!
The Book of Records of Ukraine recorded a new record of the country - "1000 days of daily running".
Thank you, friends! Together - we are force!!!

It`s proved in deeds, not just words! A new record for Ukraine!

      Pavel Gaisha, a managing partner of Sport Solutions Ukraine, personally joined the setting of the next Ukrainian record for the company "AVTEK", as part of the international exhibition of heavy machinery "Heavy Duty". He demonstrates how we can organize sport events and raise the image of the company through powerful advertising.
Do you want your company to get into the record book of Ukraine and go down in history? The company Sport Solutions Ukraine will help you!
Support the sports movement in Ukraine, strengthen the image of your company and loudly declare yourself!

Organization and holding the outgoing Team-building

      With the participation of well-known sportsmen from Ukraine for a large law firm. Weekends for the company's employees have become a real SURPRISE! Under the pretext of a corporate party, the company's employees found themselves in a real sports camp. Senior coach, Eldar Kabirov, persistently involved guests in all sorts of sporting events and games. Master of sports of international class, multiple champion of Ukraine and the world in the category "Latin dances. Formation », - Alisa Zhigil Helped Eldar .. Sporty, cheerful and fun! And now the only way, because we are - FOR SPORTS!          

The sponsor's investments are attracted

      the Federation of Strongmen of Ukraine for the realization of sports' mass events throughout Ukraine.          

The sponsor's funds are attracted

      for the realization of sports events from beach volleyball.                

Off-site corporate trainings abroad

      with the participation of famous sportsmen for a large design company. In particular, implementation of the tasks and needs of the client - namely, development of team spirit and team cohesion.