Organization of sports events

Corporate health and sports activities are a great way to improve the standard of living of your employees and to tell them that you really care about your company’s well-being.

Our events will reveal the potential of your employees and allow the energy to break free.

In cooperation with us you will receive:

– sports and entertainment event of any format, at any time of the year throughout Ukraine.

– attraction to the event of athletes of the first magnitude.

– organization of master classes and lectures on a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

– Organization of competitions among companies, employees, clients in the format of team building.

– image advertising, which can be registered as a record of Ukraine.

– organization of the annual health improvement plan for the collective

– organization of large-scale advertising and (or) PR-campaign of your product or service, through the prism of health and sport


Our advantages:

– We are the only company that uses in the organization of its events the infrastructure of more than 100 professional sports federations, including world-class sports stars.

– We cooperate with all sports grounds and halls of the country, and also, we can organize a sports ground in any place and at any time.

– We work throughout Ukraine and even abroad.

– We can organize a sport event of any scale, starting from a corporate team buiding and ending with a large-scale All-Ukrainian sports event.


The distance from us to any sports federation, any sports star is equal to 1 phone call!

We can get also a mobile permission from the competent authorities to hold mass events; organize support for police and ambulance.

We save you time and guarantee 100% quality and timely delivery of services.