"The Power of Generations" in Krivoy Rog - citywide sports festival
OCTOBER 6 /2018

    We wants to share our impressions of the event in Krivoy Rog.
    "It was a real miracle! We have completely forgotten how to notice and appreciate each other and allow prejudices to dominate us.
    We were very happy to have such a sports festival with you!
    And only , with you it would be impossible!
    "BOGATYR" Club
    Real bogatyrs, super athletes and just excellent guys! Thank you!
    Chess Federation of Krivoy Rog, Vadim Kazmiruk, Vasiliy Lyakh, and Yuliana Minaeva
    You are the champions! Thanks!
    The company Jazz Club-Service are bright and very professional guys.
    Denis Dubov and his "bike family," Krivoy Rog
    Without comment, you are awesome! Thanks!